Products We Love: The Chef'n Looseleaf

It feels like kale is more popular than ever.  People have found plenty of ways to unlock the flavor and enjoy the health benefits.  You see it in salads, eaten as a “chip”, in smoothie form, and in various other places.
If you’ve ever cooked with Kale you know its delicious leaves grow off a stem or central “rib” that needs to be removed.  The process of removing the leaves from the stem (I’ve heard it referred to as “stripping” or “deveining”) can be a little bit tedious.  The Looseleaf™ by Chef’n was designed specifically to help with this process.  It’s a simple little tool with various sized holes; designed to simply pull the Kale through the hole and separate the leaf.  A number of companies have recently launched “kale stripper” gadgets, but the Looseleaf is my favorite.  The many different sized holes means it can also be used to strip chard or other greens, as well as rosemary or other herbs.  It also has a side that comes to a sort of edge—not sharp enough to cut you, but sharp enough that I’ve used it to shred the leaves up after stripping them.
This simple little tool may not look like much, but it’s multifunctional, easy and fun to use, and can definitely come in handy if your someone who enjoys eating some kale!