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About Us

At Kiss the Cook, we love food. 
We love to eat it. We love to cook it.
We love talk about it, look at it, dream about it, and then eat it again. 
Everyone has their own experience with food, and for generations people have looked for ways to change their food; either to change the way things taste, to change the way it looks, to make it healthier (or make it unhealthier…). 
At Kiss the Cook, we figure that whatever food-journey you’re on, you’re going to need the right tools to help you reach your destination.  We remain committed to bringing the best products, knowledge and service to our customers.  Whether you’re a professional chef, just learning to cook, or anywhere in between, we strive to have the right tools to enhance your cooking experience.  

Kiss the Cook has been a family owned business located on the Church Street Marketplace since the early 1990’s.  Originally founded by Marie Bouffard & Mike Soulia, who operated the store for over 20 years, Kiss the Cook was purchased by Luke & Ashley Wight in 2014.   We look to continue the tradition of Burlington, Vermont’s locally owned kitchen shop on the Church Street Marketplace.  We aim to be a destination for those who love food, and to continue to be a business that provides great service, and most importantly, gives back the community that supports us.

New Meal Monday: Shrimp & Grits

New Meal Monday: Shrimp & Grits

Apr 17, 2017
Delicious shrimp mixed in with creamy, cheddar-y, sounds like heaven...
New Meal Monday: Spinach & Carmelized Onion

New Meal Monday: Spinach & Carmelized Onion "Quiche" with Sweet Potato Crust

Apr 10, 2017
Here's a sweet and delicious twist on a classic dish! Enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner!
New Meal Monday: Maple Baked Brie

New Meal Monday: Maple Baked Brie

Apr 03, 2017
Maple Sugaring Season is in full swing here in Vermont! This little state produced nearly 2 million gallons of syrup in 2016; that's about 47% of the syrup in the US. Everyone knows the most common uses for syrup are around the breakfast table; waffles, pancakes, etc...but why stop at breakfast?!?