Unbleached Cheese Wrapping Paper





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Maison du Fromage's Cheese Wrapping Paper seals in the freshness of cheddar, parmesan, mozzarella, gouda, provolone, muenster, brie, asiago, goat, and other cheeses. The moisture-proof, greaseproof polyethylene coating keeps cheese from drying out and locks in fresh flavor for less food waste. It also creates a strong barrier against cheese absorbing any unwanted flavors. The cutter-edge easily customizes each sheet size to be more cost effective over using pre-cut sheets. Just pull the desired length of paper, slice it on the cutter edge, then wrap cheese tightly and secure it with an oval kraft seal. Use it to wrap meat, fish, sandwiches, and baked goods for airtight storage, line food baskets when serving burgers, French fries, onion rings, or fried shrimp, line cheese or party platters, charcuterie boards, use as placemats for backyard barbecues, holiday buffets, cocktail or cheese and wine parties, outdoor entertaining, crafting surfaces, and more for mess-free cleanup. Made from FSC-certified paper with polyethylene coating, Maison du Fromage's Cheese Wrapping Paper is sturdy, durable, chlorine, phosphate, and bleach-free, moisture and greaseproof, reusable and recyclable to reduce plastic, cling wrap, and aluminum foil use for planet-conscience, sustainable-living, and zero-waste homes.

Each cutter box includes 1 roll of cheese paper (12-inches x 20-feet long, 65pm thick) with 20 (2.5 x 1.5-inch) kraft oval seals. Maison du Fromage offers the most essential tools and utensils to transform any cheese or charcuterie presentation into a work of art. Crafted from the highest-quality materials with a beautiful aesthetic, it's easy to prepare and serve cheese and charcuterie in style. Whether it's for everyday dining, entertaining, or gifting, find all the essentials for the perfect entertaining experience at Maison du Fromage. Brought to you by HIC, a third-generation family owned and operated company in the USA since 1957.