Spud Dude Potato Brush





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  • Joie's Spud Dude Potato Brush cleans potatoes and other fresh vegetables and fruits quickly and easily.
  • Cleaning fresh produce is good practice before it's consumed, even organic produce.
  • Scrub away dirt, debris, pesticides, and contaminants without removing the delicious and nutritious skins.
  • Save valuable time during food preparation, preserve the vital nutrients, and reduce food waste.
  • Great for potatoes and other firm vegetables and fruits, like yams, carrots, acorn squash, apples, and more.
  • For best results, hold produce under running water while scrubbing.
  • Once veggies are clean, rinse Spud Dude and air dry.
  • Whimsical, yet useful gadgets and gizmos make baking and cooking easier and fun, and bring more joy to the task.
  • Fun and functional kitchen gadgets make clever gifts and kitchen decorations, too! Joie's Spud Dude Potato Brush is durable and reusable.