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HIC's Perfect Egg with a color-changing indicator helps cook perfect soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs every time. No more underdone or overdone yolks. Unlike traditional hourglass or mechanical timers, Perfect Egg uses heat rather than time to sense when eggs are cooked. The unique color-changing indicator heats up in the water at the same time as the eggs. The color then transitions from red to white visibly showing the precise moment when eggs are cooked to perfection. There's no mechanical gadget to set or complex app to learn, and no more guessing how long to boil eggs! Easy to use. Simply add the timer to the water along with the eggs and cook until the color change reaches the desired level of doneness. Easily cook the perfect soft-boiled egg, or dippy egg, in just 10-minutes for topping avocado toast or dunking buttered toast strips, known as toast soldiers. Make perfect medium to hard-boiled eggs (up to 18-minutes) for deviled eggs, egg salad, pickled eggs, or enhancements to potato salad, lasagna, soup, and ramen. Made from FDA approved, BPA free polyresin with a heat-sensitive color-changing indicator, HIC's Perfect Egg is sturdy, durable, and reusable. It's compact for easy storage and heat safe to 212-degrees Fahrenheit. Allow the timer to cool completely before handling. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.