Macaron Silpat





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Designed specifically for use when baking macarons, 11 5/8" x 16 1/2" half size silicone non-stick baking mat helps you reduce waste and lower costs, while ensuring a smooth product release from your 13" x 18" sheet pans. This baking mat is designed with 20 circles, evenly spaced, that serve as a guide for piping the perfect, uniform macrons. This mat also eliminates the need to use butter, grease, oils, sprays, or parchment paper to get a smooth, easy release from your pans. It's made of strong fiberglass mesh and the highest quality of food grade silicone to turn any pan into a non-stick surface. Simply place it on your baking sheet, and you're ready to go. The mat will provide consistent heat distribution while promoting even baking and browning.