Infrared Surface and Folding Probe Digital Thermometer


Vendor: ESCALI



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The Escali DH7 is an extremely useful tool for the home or outdoor cook with the functions of two thermometers in one device. In IR (infrared) mode the DH7 is able to read surface temperatures and when in probe mode can read internal temperatures. The IR mode is great for checking the surface temperature of grill grates, pizza stones or the food you are cooking while the probe mode allows you to check the internal temperatures of the food to make sure they are at temperatures safe for consumption. The folding design of the DH7 allows the probe to fold into the main body of the thermometer, saving space and making it easier to store. The DH7 boasts a backlit display with large numbers that are easy to read in all lighting conditions. The DH7 is a great tool for the home or outdoor cook that would like the ability to check both surface and internal temperatures but would prefer to have that ability in one easy to use product.

  • Temperature Range: -22°F to 716°F (-30°C to 380°C) IR, -22°F to 572°F (-30°C to 300°C)
  • Two-in-one thermometer: Quick measure surface temperatures from grill grates to pizza stones, then switch to probe mode to check the internal temperature of your meat
  • IR Technology: The surface mode utilizes IR technology to translate infrared light emitted by the object being measured into a numeric temperature value on the screen
  • Step-Down Probe: The stainless-steel step-down probe is 1.8mm for quick measurements within 4 seconds
  • Distance Ratio: The 5 to 1 distance to target ratio allows you to measure the temperature of a 1-inch diameter circle from 5 inches away or a 2-inches diameter circle from 10-inches away when in surface mode