Small Bread Bin





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Slip this Small Bread Bin into your kitchen for a neutral addition to functional cooking-space decor. From buns and bagels to baguettes and brioche, these bread boxes offer a reliable way to store fresh bread and a charming look that's perfect for countertop display. A perfect marriage of form and function, these bread keepers are as attractive as they are practical and fit into both vintage inspired and modern kitchen decor. Inviting colors bring a fun accent to your kitchen, a hinged lid simplifies use and a spacious interior holds multiple bread products.

Just how does a metal breadbox protect the freshness of your bread? Small vent holes in the back of the bread bin allow air to circulate while the flip-up top holds just enough humidity to keep your bread fresh. The result is an environment that's perfect for maintaining the crispy crust of fresh-baked breads with a soft, moist interior. Let go of zip-top plastic bags for leftover bread. The powder-coated steel design of these bread tins makes them a sustainably charming alternative to single-use storage and is resistant to rust for years of dependable use. Hand wash or wipe your bread tin clean and continue to enjoy the fresh, well-kept bread your family loves.

Dimensions12 x 6.5 x 7 inches