Brutul Black And Tan Turtle Beer Layering Tool





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Brutul Turtle Beer Layering Tool is perfect for building classic pub-style layered beers for fun and easy entertaining at home. Elevate beer to a classy level by building visually attractive "stacked" or layered beer drinks. Different beer densities and a gentle pouring action helps to ease beer into the glass and, with practice, into separate layers. It's fun to experiment with beers of different densities and color to see how they layer, from dark stouts to blond IPAs, pilsners, lagers, porters, even hard ciders, and more. Denser beer settles to the bottom of the glass while their lighter glassmates balance on top. Simply pour the denser beer into the bottom half of a pint glass. Place the Turtle over the glass and slowly pour the less-dense beer over the Turtle's back. This softens the pour from a stream to tiny rivulets and reduces their mixing together to keep them separated while in the same space. The Turtle's claws hold steady on the glass rim during use. Use its tail to open boxes and the mouth to pop off bottle caps. It's a go-to of bar accessories for the occasional sipper or the year-round mixologist for creating a dramatically layered tasty brew. Ideal for the classic Black and Tan, known as Half and Half, Black and Blue, Black and Brown, Black and Gold, Black and Red, Black and Orange, Black and White, and other layered beer drinks. The Turtle is a versatile addition to flatware and bar supplies for the home bar, gameroom, mancave, garage, cabin, boat, or camper, and it's the ideal helper for holidays, parties, even outdoor entertaining. Made from stainless steel, the Turtle rinses clean under running water or is dishwasher safe for thorough cleaning.

  • Brutul Turtle Beer Layering Tool for building classic pub-style layered beers for fun and easy entertaining at home
  • Made from stainless steel; a helpful addition to bar tools and party accessories
  • Easily softens the pour from a stream to tiny rivulets to balance lighter beers on top of their denser glassmates for dramatically layered tasty brews
  • Claw handles steady the Turtle perfectly on a pint glass rim during use; the tail makes the perfect box opener; the mouth pops off bottle caps easily
  • Rinse under running water between uses; dishwasher safe for a thorough cleaning