Welcome to Kiss The Cook!

Welcome to the Kiss The Cook: The Blog
If you’ve landed on this page your likely familiar with our business and what we’re about, but if not, the "About Us Page" may be a good place to start.

The concept with this blog is pretty simple:  To share our experiences with food and cooking, good or bad.
Most of the posts will be from myself (Luke) or my wife (Ashley) the owners of Kiss The Cook.  We’re by no means professional chefs, just some people who love food, like cooking, and stumbled their way into owning a really fun business. 

We’ll focus on recipes, some of our favorite products from the store, and any events we may have coming up.  We’ll undoubtedly sprinkle in some of our own personal experiences, because, let’s be honest, most homes have too many distractions for a meal to come together as simply as a cookbook makes it sound.  Along the way you’ll meet some of the cast of characters who work and Kiss the Cook, and get to know a bit about their favorite things to cook and the most essential tools in their kitchen as well!

So, hopefully you enjoy this journey with us, and of course feel free to contact us with questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas!