Recipes to Round Out Turkey Day

The turkey may be known as the star dish of the day, but what would it be without the numerous sides and desserts (and maybe even some libations) that accompany your taste buds as well? Here’s a few recipes sure to satisfy every type of palate at the table!

Side Dishes:

Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes: You just can’t have a comforting meal without mashed potatoes. Or any type of potato… for that matter. This recipe is great for the busy cook so you can free up some time to work on other things for the big dinner! All you need to do is peel your potatoes, cube them up, and let your slow cooker (or multi-cooker!) do most of the work for you.

Miso-Sesame Glazed Brussels Sprouts: Ready in about 20 minutes, these crispy miso-sesame glazed brussels sprouts are perfectly toasted on the outside and meaty on the inside. Topped with a panko-parmesan topping, this makes for a unique - and addicting side dish.  If you like brussels, but these are tickling your fancy, our super simple roast brussels sprout recipe is always a hit. Want greens, but brussels sprouts aren't your thing? Simply and quickly roasting broccoli is tasty too!

Maple Sweet Potato Casserole: This sweet yet comforting side dish is great for the folks who like sweet, but not too sweet. You can even make this dish ahead of time and finish it off in the oven with toasty marshmallows and pecans on top the next day. 

Desserts to Satisfy that Sweet Tooth:

Skillet Apple Walnut Pie with Bourbon Caramel Sauce: We suggest using an enameled or regular cast iron skillet for this recipe to achieve the perfect crust and filling for this beautiful pie. Finished off with a delightful caramel sauce to drizzle on top, this is the perfect way to end your holiday dinner. (before second dinner, of course.)

Maple Pumpkin Pie Recipe: Because it’s not a blogpost about food with mentioning maple at least twice... This maple pumpkin pie is surely going to become a Vermont holiday staple. Okay, we’ll let other states have it, too!

Drinks to Make a Toast to: 

Here are a few cocktail concoctions to enjoy at your holiday party, with your meal, or to end with a nightcap after eating all that delicious food all day!

Cranberry Pomegranate Moscow Mule: A festive twist on the popular drink, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Blood Orange Mulled Cider: A great recipe for the whole gathering. Not only does this seasonal drink taste delicious, it smells delicious, and will fill your home with the warmth and signature scents of the holiday seasons. This is made for an 8qt stockpot. We even have one sale...