Products We Love: OXO On-The-Go Lunch Container

One of my favorite activities has always been going out for a good meal, whether it’s Saturday night date-night, Sunday brunch, or of course the midweek work week lunch out! As someone who works in downtown Burlington, I am tempted daily by the dozens of delicious lunch options. However, over the years I have learned eating out too often hurts the wallet, so I needed to find a way to pack an enticing lunch. 

Personally, I am a fan of salads for lunch (especially in these summer months with all the fresh veggies from the garden!) but I often need to add more substance or I will be seeking out a snack minutes past lunch break. This resulted in a tower of containers coming to and from work with me! While this juggling act was often a source of amusement from my husband, it became quite the annoyance for me.

Then a month ago my husband came home with a gift: the OXO On-The-Go Lunch Container. My work week dining experience totally changed!  I can now fit my salad, sandwich (or tasty leftover), salad dressing, and a small snack all in ONE container. The top plate portion is removable for those days I want an extra-large salad.

It made for easy transport, compact desk dining and much less washing at the end of the day.     

  Plus, the plate is microwave safe, so easy reheating for something like Salad with some yummy leftover ravioli! 


So, while I still might prefer to treat myself to a lunch out, this great product from OXO has made packing a lunch a lot easier, and given me a lot more options for what I can bring!