Products We Love: OXO FurLifter Brush

We’ve got a small store, so when it comes to our product selection we really try and focus on only carrying things that are used in the kitchen.  When we first added the FurLifter from OXO to our selection we definitely got some chuckles from some customers. “How is this a kitchen tool?” they asked.
If you’re asking that…you haven’t eaten in my home.  This is Trudy->
Trudy is a 100lb walking Teddy Bear. She loves food which means when we’re cooking, she is in the kitchen with us.  She also sheds….a lot, which means I need to be careful to not add a dash of Trudy-hair when I’m cooking.

All kidding aside, if you have a pet, you know their fur can create a number of challenges.  The fur can get everywhere.  Enter this OXO Furlifter.  This tool uses “microbristles” to effectively remove pet fur (as well as lint and other things).

It is stored in a self-cleaning base that’s lined with microbristles, so unlike a lint brush there is no waste or need to buy refills, simply open the base to remove and discard the fur:

OXO put a great deal of thought into this little gadget, including making the microbristles: OXO tested 16 colors using the fur of 50 different pets and determined orange showed the fur most effectively.

They make three models: The On-The-Go brush is a great little tool to have in the house if you have a light shedding pet, or to keep in the car to clean yourself up before work. The Garment Brush is a versatile tool and can be used for all clothes as well as can be used on furniture. Third is the Furniture Brush which is the largest and has a hinge near the handle for easier use!