Products We Love: All-Clad Roasting Pan

When we talk about all the products we love at Kiss the Cook, it can get easy for us to swept away with all the innovative, creative gadgets and tools that are out there.  Sometimes, we can get so caught up with these tools that we lose sight of some of the more practical and necessary tools in our kitchen.

So with Thanksgiving right around the corner we thought we’d talk about roasting pans.  Exciting right?! There’s variety of different roasting pans on the market, and they can range widely in price, but it’s important to remember what you’re asking this tool to do.  Typically you’re using it for relatively long durations of time at high temperatures, so it’s important that the pan is made of strong, durable materials, like cast-iron or high-quality stainless steel.  This will ensure even consistent cooking, as well as make sure the pan doesn’t warp during use.  Let’s be honest, Turkey day prep can be stressful enough, the last thing you want to worry about is if your roasting pan is going to hold up.  That’s why we love our All-Clad Roasting Pan.  It’s made from heavy gauge stainless steel and has a warp-resistant base, and deep, straight sides to prevent spilling (every drop of gravy is important…every drop).  It also has nice sturdy stainless steel handles that are big enough for me to grip securely while wearing oven mitts.  Another nice thing about the All-Clad roasting pan is it comes with a non-stick roasting rack.  This elevates the meat while roasting and allows air to circulate around the food, while also allowing juices to collect in the pan below, and providing ample room for any veggies you may want roasting in the pan as well!

All Clad makes two size pans. The smaller size is 14”x11” and should work for turkey of about 15lbs or less. We use the 16”x13” pan which is good for a bird up to about 20lbs.  Both sizes are on sale for the season, so a great deal is available, but truthfully, even at full price these can be a worthy investment.  Ideally you’ll be using it to cook memorable meals for you and your family for years to come.