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What's Cooking this Weekend: September 17-18

September 16, 2016

After a long and hot summer it feels like the temperatures in northern Vermont have started to cool this week; so this weekend we're starting to look towards fall at Kiss the Cook.
We'll be having a sale this weekend as we offer 20% OFF all baking supplies Saturday 9/17 & Sunday 9/18.

Also--we'll have some baked goods for folks to sample on Saturday!  
Among other things we'll have samples Apple Cinnamon Muffins featuring King Arthur Flour's Apple Muffin Mix.
This mix makes it easy to bake up some delicious fresh baked muffins.  
Simply add butter, milk and a few eggs to this mix and your ready to go.

Give them a try Saturday, and stock up on any supplies you need for baking this fall!

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