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4star 5.5" Serrated Prep

4star 5.5

Four Star's amazing Prep Knife will become the go-to knife in your kitchen. This new blade shape excels at a multitude of tasks - peeling and chopping vegetables and fruit, slicing meats and cheeses, butterflying chicken breasts, deveining shrimp and much more. The well-designed blade allows for plenty of knuckle clearance when you're chopping on a cutting board yet is small enough for in-hand paring tasks, such as peeling and trimming apples and potatoes.Each Four Star knife is forged from a single piece of steel, resulting in a sturdy, balanced, and flexible blade. The seamless transition from bolster to molded handle makes Four Star knives comfortable for long periods of use. 

  • Made in Germany. German special formula high carbon, no-stain steel 
  • Forged from a single pieced of steel Ergonomic molded polypropylene handle  

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4star 5.5

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