7 Vermont Inspired Recipes For Fall

When it comes to seasons, most people think that there are four, however, here in Vermont, there’s really six. Most Vermonters know that Mud Season sits after winter, but prior to spring.  Stick Season is the barren time after the foliage has passed, but before the snow comes. We also know that not all seasons are on equal footing. Winter is long and at times unrelenting, and Spring is fleeting (if it happens at all). Our seasons can be a bit polarizing as well, as some of us look forward to all of the fun a snowy winter can bring, while others hunker down and just wait for it to be over. However, all that being said, there does seem to be one overwhelming consensus: Fall in Vermont is pretty special.

Vibrant foliage provides the perfect backdrop for bustling apple orchards, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches! In honor of the coming of Fall, we thought we’d assemble a few of our favorite recipes that feature popular fall ingredients!  We also put together a list of our favorite items for this fall that can be found HERE.


It probably makes sense to start our journey at the orchard. There’s lots of great things you can do with your fresh picked apples, some of the most popular being pies, or apple crisp, and for any dish with a lot of apples we’d recommend checking out the triple-action apple machine, for optimum efficiency, and the Emile Henry Pie Dishes (currently on sale!) are a must for any baker! However, we thought we’d offer up a few recipes that are a little more outside the box starting at breakfast with an Apple Popover Pancake! This recipe reminded us of a Dutch Baby, but it's a little sweeter, a little fuller, and not quite as tricky to make! The skillet used in this recipe is the Finex 12” Skillet, which is one of our favorite items, but any cast iron skillet should do the trick! Top it with maple syrup, and this recipe may just be Vermont in breakfast form.

While out at your favorite orchard, grab a jug of their freshly pressed apple cider and use it to cook up some Cider Chicken. You’ll need a skillet, or saute pan with a lid for this. Pair it with some hearty roasted vegetables and you’ll warm right up on those cool fall evenings. Another classic treat is the good old fashioned Candy Apple, however, these can be a bit messy and tricky to eat (particularly for kids!), so checkout our recipe for Candy Apple Pops! While this recipe has a bit of a Halloween focus you can decorate them however you like, and they'll be tastiest when apples are at their peak!


While some companies may lead you to believe that pumpkin season starts in July, it's really harvested in Fall! We have a couple of baked goods that would pair well with your morning cup of pumpkin tea or coffee. Our recipe for Garam Masala Pumpkin Muffins features Teeny Tiny Spice Garam Marsala gives these muffins a very robust flavor. Another little breakfast time treat is this recipe for Pumpkin Donut Holes (although donuts are good any time of the day!) These baked (not fried) and can be done simply in a mini muffin pan! Looking for something to warm you up as the frost starts to creep in later in the fall? Creamy Pumpkin Soup is a classic. You can make this in a stock pot, your dutch oven, or even your Vitamix blender.

Of course, no Vermont-based recipe blog would be complete without Maple Syrup, being a main ingredient. Well, how about Maple Roasted Butternut Squash as a side for dinner? (or as a topping on a nice fall salad!) You can use regular maple syrup, or infuse some new flavor with Smoked Maple Syrup!

We hope you found some inspiration, and some new ways to enjoy the flavors of Fall. As for us, we’re going to pick some apples and get cooking!

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