Seal N' Store Large


Vendor: TOVOLO



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The latest innovation from Tovolo! who needs wasteful and ineffective plastic wrap or sandwich bags when you can save your produce with the reusable seal N’ store? simply place your fruit or veggie cut-side down on the tray, stretch the cover’s silicone web over the top, then snap the cover down into the tray – this creates an airtight seal to extend the freshness of your produce! this clever design also accommodates the natural variety of shapes and sizes of produce. From Lime to grapefruit, or from avocado to onion, there is a seal N’ store to fit all your produce storage needs. Available in large, medium and small.

  • Silicone web stretches to keep different sized produce in place for an air-tight seal
  • Cover securely snaps into tray
  • BPA Free