Sourdough Starter Set


Vendor: KILNER



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If you are a longtime baker, you know there are thousands of ways to prepare any kind of bread. However, preparing bread dough in a jar is also an effective way, so Kilner offers their very own Sourdough Starter Set! Included are all the components needed to make delicious sourdough bread as well as the doughs for pizza and naan. You will be given two jars so that you may make a second batch of dough after using your first jar. This set features a stainless-steel measuring lid for your jars to measure out water and flour at exact amounts for perfect results! You will also receive it in a Kilner gift box with a step-by-step booklet to help you achieve perfection. Whether you are a longtime baker or a starter, you'll enjoy using Kilner’s Sourdough Starter Kit! Kilner Sourdough Starter Kit Features: Two 12 fl oz Kilner Wide Mouth Jars- Dimensions per jar (L x W x H): 7.20” x 4.29” x 8.07”, one stainless-steel measuring lid and one stainless-steel lid, two rubber bands, six labels recipe book, and a dishwasher-safe silicone spatula. Made of 100% recycled glass.