Lamson Walnut Series Chef's Knife


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 The Chef's Knife is the workhorse of the kitchen. Its broad blade dices, slices, and chops fruits, vegetables, and meats while lifting knuckles up from the cutting board. 

Signature craftsmanship. Meticulously handmade in the USA, each Lamson knife is finished to perfection with proprietary polishing and sharpening processes.
Unmatched quality. Blades forged from the finest high-carbon stainless steel from Solingen, Germany (Grade 4116) pair with sleek, sturdy handles.
Lamson blades are precision forged using the traditional hot-drop method, tempered to the perfect hardness (58 Rockwell). Full tang blades with triple riveted handles ensure the ideal balance and weight. A curved and recessed bolster provides a seamless transition from handle to blade, as well as comfortable thumb support for control and safety.