Get Maternal - No.10 Herb Tea For Pregnancy Tea Bags





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Herb Tea for Pregnant/New Moms - Baby, look at you glow. But with all the changes going on in your body, you could probably use a bit of personal pampering. So whether you're expecting, or your little bundle of joy has already arrived, kick back and enjoy a cup of this lovely caffeine-free herbal blend, based on organic rooibos and conceived just for you.

To help tone uterine muscles, we've added raspberry leaf, a time-honored tonic*. Nettles and alfalfa, herbs with roots that reach deep into mother earth, provide essential nutrients like silica for growing strong bones*. Parsley fights water retention and a snap of ginger staves off nausea. So sip and rock-a-bye baby yourself.


Organic Rooibos (Leaf), Raspberry (Leaf), Stinging Nettle (Aerial Parts), Ginger (Root), Alfalfa (Leaf), Parsley (Leaf), Natural Mango Flavor, Black Limon.