Carbon Steel Excalibur Nonstick Wok with Phenolic Handles





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If you’re ready to turn out chef-quality stir fry, this is the wok you need. The practical flat bottom wok is made from high-grade carbon steel, which prevents hot spots so even sliced steak sears evenly. And you’ll be able to scrape up every bit of fond without seasoning the pan, thanks to the Excalibur nonstick coating. That coating is so tough, you could go at it with a metal spatula with nary a scratch. With its versatility and longevity, this powerhouse could become your go-to pan for just about every meal.

  • Fearlessly wield metal spatulas with this scratch-resistant premium Excalibur nonstick coating
  • 2.0mm professional carbon steel gaug is lighter and thinner yet stronger than typical cast iron
  • Distributes heat evenly so food doesn’t scorch
  • Resin handle stays cool and remains oven safe up to 350 degrees