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We all love popcorn.  It’s a simple, classic snack that’s enjoyed been by generations of children and adults.  There’s lots of ways to make popcorn, either in the microwave, using an electric air popper, or on the stovetop.  There’s a variety of different stovetop popcorn makers on the market, and truthfully you can simply use a saucepan to pop corn on the stove if you’d like; however, recently we’ve discovered we really love using the Zippy Pop snack maker.
As far as simply making popcorn on the stove, it works great.  Heat up a little oil, dump in the kernels, and slowly turn the handle and a few minutes later you have popcorn.
It’s what you want to add to your popcorn that really sets the Zippy Pop apart.  If you like your popcorn simple, you can just add salt, maybe some butter, and its multi-layer “tumbling mechanism” you’re ensured that whatever you add gets mixed in thoroughly and evenly. 
Halloween is coming up so in our house we’ve been turning our popcorn into a bit of a sweeter treat.  Candy Bar Popcorn takes all we love about traditional popcorn and adds in some mini chocolate caramels and peanut butter cups making it an irresistible (and completely addictive) treat.  The non-stick finish combined with the previously mentioned mixing mechanism makes blending this delicious twist on popcorn really easy (and even easy to clean-up after)!
There’s dozens of recipe ideas; satisfying sweet tooth cravings with chocolate, caramel and coconut mix-ins, and those with a more savory taste featuring cheeses and spices. Party mix becomes easy, allowing you to roast nuts and combine ingredients in one simple step.  You can even use the Zippy Pop to make homemade granola, allowing you the freedom to add in the exact ingredients you want.

We have provided a recipe below, however I have found it to be a lot of fun to get creative and make my own tasty concoctions!

Here is the recipe for Candy Bar Popcorn:

Step 1: Make the Classic Popcorn

  • Preheat stovetop to medium heat, add in 1/3 cup fresh popcorn and 2-3 tablespoons of canola oil
  • Once kernels start to pop, slowly turn handle on top. Remove from heat when popping slows and allow final kernels to pop. Remove silicone lid and add in ½ teaspoon of sea salt and use handle to combine.

Step 2: Add in the fixings!

  • Pour in 1 cup of mini Chocolate Carmel Candies (we used Rolos) and mix until chocolate is melted and evenly distributed.
  • Pour in ½ cup of mini Peanut Butter Cups, turn 3-4 times to mix.
  • Transfer to a bowl, then add additional ½ cup mini Peanut Butter Cups and combine with spoon. These candies will not entirely melt, providing bits of candy pieces throughout your popcorn!

*For a splash of color, this is a great time to add in seasonal sprinkles!


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