Products We Love: The Euro Scrubby

It’s tough to get excited about doing dishes.
I know I’ve “let stuff soak” in my sink for several days in an attempt to put off cleaning something particularly tough.  (This move is a pet peeve of my wife’s when it’s my turn to do dishes. “Yeah, I’ll clean it, I’m just letting it soak”.  I don’t think I’m fooling her…)

And while I can’t say that the Euro Scrubby makes doing dishes more fun, it certainly makes it a lot easier.  This little 3x5 inch piece of fabric can only be described as magical.  It somehow manages to be simultaneously very abrasive, and gentle.  Use it to scrub the toughest messes, or to clean off a glass cooktop without leaving a scratch. (Yes! You can use it on ANY surface).
 I love to cook with cast iron, and simply my Euro Scrubby and hot water get the job done.  It manages to clean the pan, without stripping the seasoning on the pan.  Another nice feature is when it gets dirty or grimy, just toss it in the dishwasher and its good as new.  Ours tend to last 6 months or more!  They also come in all sorts of bright colors and patterns; I don’t know if that matters to everyone, but I like that!

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