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Gourmet Popcorn

All Wabash Valley Farms popping corns come fresh from the farm and are NON-GMO.

Purple:  This is a very tender and fluffy piece of popcorn that is packed full of antioxidants, which researchers have suggested offer many health benefits. Packed full of flavor, these prized purple kernels will not retain their color when popped. The kernels will pop into a medium to large piece of popcorn with a brilliant white color and have less hulls than most kernels of its size.

Sweet Baby Blue:  This popcorn features light blue colored kernels that carry a subtly sweet smell while popping. Uniquely, there may be a very slight hint of sweetness in the taste. The kernel will pop into a medium to large, fluffy and tender piece of popcorn. These beautiful blue kernels will not retain their color when popped, but instead will pop into a brilliant white piece of popcorn.

Vintage Red: These tiny kernels come packed full of flavor and lots of crunch; some even describe as having a slightly nutty flavor. These distinctive deep red kernels will not retain their color, but will pop into a brilliant white, smaller and tighter piece of popcorn when compared to the movie theater style.

Tender & White: White popping corn is truly a specialty popcorn that is sought after for its tenderness and taste. This kernel will pop into a medium sized piece of mouthwatering popcorn. According to popcorn experts, the general difference between yellow and white kernels is that white popcorn kernels pop into a little lighter, more tender and delicate piece of popcorn.

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