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Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit

Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit

The Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit has all the essentials you need to use and care for your cast iron cookware. Our seasoning spray is made of 100% canola oil. The polycarbonate Pan Scraper won’t collect food particles, and features an assortment of angles to easily clean your cookware. The Silicone Handle Holder protects up to 500° F. The Scrub Brush features stiff bristles to easily clean and preserve your cookware’s finish.


Polycarbonate Pan Scraper features assorted angles for easy cleaning

Silicone Handle Holder protects hands from heat up to 500 degrees F

Pan Scraper and silicone handle holder are dishwasher safe

The Scrub Brush’s stiff bristles help preserve cookware’s finish

Seasoning Spray protects cookware, enhances finish, and is made of 100% canola oil — no additives or propellants

Seasoning Spray oil is from Canada, bottled in USA

Other accessories made in China

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Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit

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