Staff Favorite Picks!

Here at Kiss The Cook we like to think we carry a lot of great products, but we wanted to take some time this spring to highlight some of our favorites and what we like about them. Plus all our Staff Favorite Picks are 20% Off from 3/24 thru 4/2/23 (discount applied at checkout!) Shop the full collection here!


Laura's Favorites! (Laura is our Store Manager) 

Wilton Mini Fondue Set- This fondue set is a really cute addition to a stay-in
date night or a quick fix for a sweet treat. All you need is a tea light and
your favorite chocolate and treat pairing!

OXO Little Salad Dressing Shaker- Once I started making my own salad
dressing I never went back to store bought. The size is perfect for on the go
and the spout makes it easy and mess free.

Benito’s Local Tang Hot Sauce- This sauce is my favorite because the
flavor is incredibly fresh and the color is so vibrant! With the heat described
as “a solid amount of death”, you cannot NOT love it.

Le Creuset L’Amour Mini Cocottes- Mini cocottes, the cuties of the baking
world. These ones are covered in hearts! Roast garlic, make a personal
blueberry cobbler, bake a mini pot pie, the possibilities are endless and

Lekue Mini Popcorn Set- Obviously a fan of anything mini, this set is great
for a small snack for two, or the perfect serving size for your little ones! A
great alternative to bagged popcorn, you control everything that goes in
your treat.

Andrea’s Trivets Jar Opener- Super fun patterned silicone helpers when it comes to opening tricky jars. Can also be used as a coaster! The flower cow is my favorite!

Teeny Tiny Spice Oaxacan Adobo - the perfect seasoning for any type of taco!


Erik’s Favorites! (Erik is our Operations Manager)

Mobi Pig in a Blanket Molds - Who doesn’t love making cooking more fun? These molds are perfect for any sports gathering, kids party, or just hosting friends for an evening of snacks. 

Zoku Shooter Ice Molds - A shot glass can be so much more than just a vessel for our favorite spirits. These ice molds are great for chilling alcohol for a summer party. They eliminate the need for clean-up and help create a fun experience anyone is sure to enjoy.

Lugano Fondue Set - Cheese is better when it’s melted and ready for dipping. The Lugano fondue set is great for a group of friends or one hungry cheese enthusiast. It’s enamel coated cast iron makes it perfect hosting or a private night in. 

Potato Salad Salt - Summer is just around the corner. With this amazing salt blend, you’ll be crafting amazing BBQ side dishes in no time. Looking to spice up a salad? Want to give a casserole that extra magic? Just sprinkle a little bit of this on, and worry no more.


Luke's Favorites!

Euro Scrubby-The ultimate cleaning tool! The Euroscrubby is tough on grime, yet gentle on cookware! Plus, the fun colors make doing dishes (almost) fun!

Zavor Lux Multicooker -  Multicookers have continued to be one of the most popular kitchen electrics in recent years (made popular by the introduction of "Insta Pot"). Zavor's models are cosistently ranked amongs the best, so whether your looking to cook something fast on the pressure cook function, or slow cook, or saute, or cook rice or make yogurt...the Zavor Lux Multicooker can help you get it done!

Wusthof Classic Double Serrated Bread Knife - A newer take on an old classic, Wusthof's innovative double-serrated design sliceds through even the toughest crusts!

OXO Furlifter  - Works kind of like a lint roller, but without the sticky paper! Plus, the self cleaning base means it can keep being reused. Micro-bristles clean pet fur, hair and lint from furniture with just a few quick strokes! If you don't think this is a kitchen have haven't met our shop dog Peggy, a 100lb Bernese Mountain Dog!

OXO Swivel Peeler -  Most people don't think of this, but like all blades, peelers go dull so if its been awhile since you got a new one, it may be time! The OXO Swivel peeler has a big rubber handle that's comfortable and won't slip out of your hands even if they're wet. And the blade swivels well to maintain contact with your food!

Vermont Smoke & Cure Pepperoni - This pepperoni is...
Actually...never mind.
You probably wouldn't like don't try it...I'll just take it home with me...