Recipes to Round Out Thanksgiving

When it comes to Thanksgiving, the turkey tends to get the most attention. However, we think it’s an assortment of other things that take Thanksgiving from a meal to a feast! So we put together an assortment of recipes (mostly sides!) to help make your Turkey Day extra delicious.

Kicking things off

Looking for a cocktail to get you in the spirit of the holiday while you put the final touches on the meal? This recipe for honeycrisp sangria is like fall in a wine glass (or whatever glass you put it in). It needs to chill for several hours, so we recommend making the night before so when you’re ready….it’s ready!

The Sidekicks

As we mentioned, while the turkey is the headliner, we think sides are what really make the meal. If you read our blog post Vermont Inspired Recipes for Fall you may already be planning to make our Maple Roasted Butternut Squash, because it's easy, delicious and a perfect Thanksgiving side!

In our opinion, when there’s a nice full gravy boat in the middle of the table, you may want to keep your veggies simple and allow those veggies to dip their toes in the gravy. If that’s your style, we’d recommend this recipe for roasted broccoli, or our roast brussel sprouts recipe. If you’d like to infuse some more flavor into your greens, we’d try Brussels with Bacon and Fig Balsamic! If you like to roast up a lot of veggies, we like to recommend the Nordic Ware Big Sheet. It’s an large sheet pan (that is also available as a non-stick option), allowing for more space for more veggies! And whether you roasting veggies, or your turkey, we have lots of great roasting pan options!

Speaking of side is more equipped to pair with your meal than mashed potatoes. We love this recipe for slow cooker mashed potatoes, for two reasons. First, it's really tasty. Second, putting the potatoes in the slow cooker means you can free up a burner for anything else you might need and the stove, as well as set it and forget about them for a while. You can use your slow cooker or the slow cooking function on your multi-cooker (these continue to be one of the hottest trends in cooking!)


Sweet Treats!
If there's still room for more after you're meal, its time for dessert! Obviously, we'd recommend any pie recipe from Vintage Pies, or one of our favorites, this Maple Pumpkin Pie Recipe!


The next day

Of course it’s important to make sure there’s bread for leftover turkey sandwiches. Those sandwiches should also be made by stuffing any leftover sides available in there with the turkey! While turkey sandwiches offer an immediate reward, Turkey Soup is the gift that keeps on giving! (How big a turkey you cooked will impact how big a stock pot you need) Turkey Soup may be the comfort food we need this winter!