Recipes to Celebrate Spring!

The days are getting longer, the temperatures and the flowers are starting to rise and we’re starting to look forward to a new season. Spring is in the air! Spring, as with any season, brings with it it’s own set of flavors so we thought we’d put together a collection of recipes to help you celebrate Spring.

While we still have a ways to go till the warmth of summer, that spring sunshine has thinking of refreshing meals so something like this recipe for Beet Gazpacho, or perhaps this Strawberry Quinoa Salad would interest you.

Some folks may be hearty enough to grill all winter long, but many may be dusting off those grills in anticipation of cooking outside on a nice evening. Well, with Cinco de Mayo around the corner, we’d recommend either our Grilled Shrimp Tacos or are Grilled Chicken Tacos (and the seasonings and sauces on these two could be interchangeable)

Looking for some sweeter treats? Well rhubarb may be one of the first things to come into season, and when it does you could start your day with some Rhubarb Coffee Cake. You can also use decorating and presentation to further that spring feel by using something like the baby bunny cakelet pan (we have a carrot cake recipe for that!) or the backyard bugs pan! Another idea is the wildflower loaf pan (and our friends at Nordic Ware have a Lemon Honey Lavender Loaf recipe that is perfect!). And of course the simple sugar cookie can be made a fun spring treat with the right seasonal cookie cutter. (if you’re looking for a little citrus in that spring cookie check out this Lemon Sugar Cookie recipe)!