Recipes For BBQ Month!

Barbecue season is upon us again! That means bringing your family and friends together for backyard gatherings as frequently as possible! May is National BBQ Month, so we've put together some of our favorite recipes to help you keep on cooking all summer long! Plus, all of our BBQ Tools are 20% OFF thru the end of May with promo code BBQ20 at checkout!

We'll start with our homemade VT Maple BBQ Sauce which will enhance anything you're throwing on the grill this summer!  That maple syrup gives it a nice sweet finish that everyone should enjoy! Don't have time to make your own? If you don't mind something a little smokier grab a jar of Sugar Bob's Smoked Maple BBQ Sauce

Another one of our BBQ Month favorites involves cooking a whole chicken on the grill! This Beer Can Chicken Recipe will give you a delicious meal!

A burger on the grill is a simple summer staple, but if you're looking to spice that up a bit, checkout our Whoopass Burger, featuring our most popular spice blend from Teeny Tiny Spice Co!  Vegetarian, or looking for a meatless option? Our Quinoa Black Bean Burger is a hit even with carnivores.   Want to make perfect burger patties? Checkout our burger press (or mini burger press!)

In our recent spring recipe blog post we suggested our Grilled Shrimp Tacos and these would certainly great BBQ Month choice! A simpler way to enjoy some shrimp on the barbie would be our Cilantro Lime Shrimp Skewers.  (Need skewers? Checkout these innovative circle skewers)
Prefer fish? How about Grilled Swordfish & Arugula Salad? Or try something with a Vermont twist, the marinade in this salmon recipe features a smoked maple syrup!  

Don't forget, good sides round out any meal and this Grilled Veggie Platter is the perfect BBQ Month side! (If you want to keep those veggies from slipping through the grill grates we'd recommend these bbq matts or mesh grill roasting pan! We have lots of other options as well in our bbq tools collection)
While Corn might not be totally in season yet, throwing it on the grill and making Mexican Street Corn is totally delicious.  Don't have any room left on your grill? Hush puppies are BBQ classic.  Want something you can make in advance and let sit? This broccoli salad is easy and delicious!

We hope we provided some inspiration! Enjoy all summer full of delicious meals cooked out on the grill!

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