Products We Love: Wusthof Classic 6" Cook's Knife

In honor of our friend Chef Mike from Wusthof visiting this weekend I thought it’d be appropriate to talk about one of our favorite, and most popular knives.

We typically tell people that if they are only going to have one knife, it should be an 8” Cook’s knife.  The cook’s knife is designed to be useful for a wide variety of jobs in the kitchen and the 8-inch blade is typically going to be large enough to do just about any job you need to do.   Personally, my favorite knife is my Wusthof Classic Ikon 8” Cook’s Knife, but my wife finds that particular knife to be a little larger than she likes. 
Honestly, as much as I like my 8-inch knife, I find myself reaching for a 6-inch blade more often.  While the 8” might by my favorite, my Wusthof Classic 6” Cook’s knife is the knife I use the most.  Its 6-inch blade is a little easier to control for a recreational cook like myself; and because it’s a forged knife with a full tang it has great balance and enough weight.  Most commonly I’m chopping veggies or smaller items and this 6-inch knife is the perfect knife for almost any job!
We still stand by the recommendation that if you’re only going to have one knife, it should probably be an 8-inch cook’s knife; however, you should probably have more than one knife.  Realistically, no matter how many knives you have, if you have the Wusthof Classic 6” Cook’s, it’ll likely become your most useful knife and if you’re like me, it’ll be the knife you reach for the most.

Another reason you may want this knife, is that Wusthof has put it on promotion this year at an incredible price.  Typically priced at about $110, its on sale all of 2016 for $59.99