Products We Love: Gringo Jack's Vt Maple BBQ Sauce

One of our most popular food items we carry here in the store is Gringo Jack’s VT Maple BBQ Sauce.  It’s a sweet and delicious sauce that is great on a variety of foods, whether it’s pulled pork, topping a burger or chicken, or any other time you’d use BBQ sauce!
With the super bowl this weekend it seems appropriate to share one use for this sauce, which is making a classic game day snack!  Wings are a classic party snack, and are a definite staple for any football gathering, but I rarely take the time to make them.  We usually make a few different snacks and since there’s a few places near us that make good wings always feels a lot simpler to grab pre-made wings, than make them myself.  However, one time recently we were planning to have some friends over for game day and I decided to make them myself.  (Actually, I was planning to pick them up, pre-made from the store, but the store was out of them when I went—so I was forced to decide between making them myself, or no wings—it was an easy choice).  I remembered I had some of my favorite BBQ sauce in my fridge and realized making them myself was going to be easy.  There’s a few different way to make wings, you can bake them, or grill them.  We were using the oven for some other snacks so I decided to make them on the grill.  After prepping the wings (pat dry and sprinkle w/ salt & pepper) I threw the wings on the grill over medium heat for about 25 min (turning occasionally).  I put all the wings in a bowl and tossed with the Maple BBQ sauce and then threw them back on the grill for 5 min to crisp them up.  They were sweet, smoky, and delicious!  There’s a lot of good BBQ Sauces out there but this is definitely one of our favorites!