New Meal Monday: Grilled Chicken Tacos

Its summer, which means we try and fire up the grill as much as possible.  We’ve found grilled chicken tacos make for a delicious, yet quick and easy meal. (Unless, like me, you are still holding out with a charcoal grill…then nothing is quick…). 
We use chicken thighs for the flavor, about 1lb, and toss them with in a tablespoon of oil and 2 tablespoons of Teeny Tiny Spice Co’s Yucatecan Recado Rojo.
(If you don’t have this spice you can use other seasonings. Cumin (1tbsp), salt (1tsp) and garlic powder (1tsp) work well, or anything else you think would add to it.  But honestly…that spice is now an essential in our house for this meal and several others…not to mention, my wife, who is averse to even slightly “hot” spices loves it).


After that grill them on medium-high, usually for about 10 min (five per side).  I let them sit for about 5 minutes after and slice them up.

This is where you get to make this more complicated if you want. If you’re looking for an easy weeknight meal, you could throw that chicken in a taco shell, shred some cheddar on top, and BOOM: TACOS!
I don’t think you’d be disappointed. 
But I’d be disappointed for you, because here’s some things we’ve added with and really enjoyed:

  • While you’re letting the chicken sit, throw those soft tacos shell on the grill.  It’s already on right? Let them puff up, flip them till the puff again and pull them off. This one is easy, and worth it
  • Get a yellow onion, cut it into about 8 wedges but keep the root on it so it all stays together.  Mix it in with the seasoning and the chicken and throw it on the grill.  (I usually keep it on the grill while the chicken sits and I grill the shells)

MORE TOPPINGS (we’ve done all of these in various combinations, and at times I’ve been known to shove them all in one taco.  I don’t regret it):

  • I mentioned cheese—I love cheddar—but whatever works for you.
  • Salsa or diced tomatoes
  • Guacamole or Sliced Avacado
  • Brown Rice
  • Black beans (you can throw a pinch or two of that spice in a pot while warming them up!)
  • Lettuce
  • Grilled Corn (If grilling then stripping the corn kernels feels ambitious, or your running out of room on the grill, throwing frozen kernels in a skillet and browning them works great)

So there it is, one of our favorite summer meals on the grill.  It can be as easy, or as complicated as you want it to be and you can mix it up and make it different every time.
Happy Grilling!  

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