Mother's Day

Typically we would wait another week of two before  promoting Mother’s Day by releasing a gift guide.  We usually pick some items we think we should promote that people may want to get for the moms in their lives, and this year there was one item we were particularly excited about. In fact, it’s the first time I’ve bought an item specifically for a Mother’s Day promotion.

Now…normally, in the year 2020 I would be hesitant to say, “hey, get a woman you care about a frying pan!” but this one is different.

A few years ago, Lodge Cast Iron launched their “Made In America” series—where they cast a special image on the bottom of a 10.25” skillet making it more than just a cooking tool. They’ve done an American Flag and an Eagle, to name a few.  Their choice for 2020 was “Rosie the Riveter”. As we see women across America figuring out how to balance careers, childcare, homeschooling and more, it seems almost prophetic that this was the image they chose. When I first unpacked our shipment a couple weeks ago, I was overwhelmed with emotion.  When I held the image, cast in iron, in my hands, I realized the very women I was planning to celebrate were being asked now, more than perhaps since that image was created, to carry so much burden for our society.

I held that skillet and fought back tears as I thought of my wife. My wife who’s been home with our 3yr old (who’s supposed to be in daycare) and baby. My wife who’s coming back early from maternity leave, because she works in mental health.  She’s considered an essential worker and there are so many people in need of her skills. She’s also ending her leave early because she knows with our business’s doors being closed, it’s what our family needs right now as well. She—like so many women in our country right now—is stepping up to try to be everything for our family.

Everyday we see images and hear stories of women adjusting to working full time jobs, while also being responsible for their children’s education and childcare. Every day.  Figuring out ways making the impossible happen.

It’s not just moms, but women everywhere are rising to the occasion right now to help those in need. Which is why for every Rosie the Riveter skillet we sell, we’ll be donating 10% of the total purchase to VT Works for Women.

And while it’s a bit earlier than we’d usually start talking about Mother’s Day, it feels like this year the Mom’s in our lives deserve more than just a day. We’re sharing our Mother’s Day Gift Guide early. Click the link to find deals on great gift ideas for the wonderful & strong women in your life.