Holiday Gift Guide: For the Little Chefs

Whether the kiddos have already been helping you out in the kitchen, or if they just started to take interest in the joys of cooking, we have a variety of options for your little helper.

Le Creuset Family Baking Set: - For the little baker: There’s nothing better than baking, except maybe getting the whole family involved! This set includes everything you need to bake cupcakes, muffins and more! Also included are kid-friendly recipes and children’s sized chef hat to complete the set for the little baker.

Kuhn Rikon Dog Knife: - For the aspiring chopper: These kid-friendly knives cut through soft food, but won’t harm the kiddo at all. The finger guard also lets them practice extra safety in the kitchen!

Opinel Le Petit Chef Knife, Peeler OR get them both with the set! - For the little prepper: This Opinel knife set includes everything to get the little chef started. Along with a stainless steel knife, this set includes a safety ring to show where fingers should be placed on the knife, and a finger guard so they can learn how to chop safely. We also carry this Le Petit Chef peeler from Opinel that has a safety ring in the middle of the peeler that also teaches children where to place pressure while peeling. Can’t decide which one to get? Get them both with this set!

Kids Aprons - These aprons might count as a gift to both parents and kiddos…some have a vinyl coating on these aprons make clean-up much easier for both parents and little chefs/bakers alike! We have a variety of these aprons in store and online, so, whether they love unicorns, the wilderness and it’s creatures, or the Wild West, we are sure to have something that’ll fit their personality!

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters - For the decorative baker: These Ann Clark cookie cutters (made in Vermont, by the way!) with handles make cookie cutting easier than ever. Whether they want to make heart-shaped cookies for their loved ones, decorate cute animal cookies, or just wish someone some tasty good luck, we’ll have something just for them!

Zoku Water Bottles - For the kiddos always running around, make sure they stay hydrated with these colorful water bottles! This water bottle is simply opened by pushing on the back of the mouthpiece, springing up the straw. The leak proof design after putting the straw back down is perfect for the adventurous ones. Available in shark, cat, T-rex and unicorn designs!