Back to School with Litter-less Lunches

It may seem hard to believe, but the end of summer is rapidly approaching and it's time to start thinking about heading Back-to-School. We know that single use and individually packaged items are the most efficient way to pack a lunch, but we also know just how bad that can be for the environment! We've got a full assortment of Back To School products here! Below we've highlighted a few of our favorite items for keeping lunch fun, easy and litter-free!


Mason Jar Zipper Bags: These leak proof and reusable zipper bags come in three different sizes to fit inside any lunchbox. Plus, they're pretty cute, too.

Hot/Cold Packs:  Add some fun to your kiddo's lunch with these useful packs that keep food warm or cold. 


Silicone Sandwich Bag: This reusable sandwich bag is flexible and durable enough to fit most sandwich sizes and other snacks  


Kids Pocket Utensil Set: These fun utensil sets come in three design options, and are slim enough to fit easily in a backpack or lunch bag. Now your kids can put their dirty utensils back in the case and keep their backpacks and lunchboxes free of any food debris! Each set comes with a stainless steel fork, spoon, and knife.


Kids Flip Straw Bottle: These flip straw bottles come in a variety of fun designs to suit all types. The flexible carrying loop folds so you can easily store in either a backpack or lunch bag, or take on a walk with. Just press down on the back of the mouthpiece to have the straw flip into place. After hydrating, simply push the straw back down into it’s protected, leak-proof position.


Bee's Wrap: Made here in Vermont, Bee's Wrap is made out of organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. It’s one of the safest, guilt-free, and litter-less ways to wrap up a sandwich, pack a snack, or put away leftovers. They also have vegan wrap options, too!



Roam Food Jars: These double walled stainless steel food jars keep food hot for 5 hours or cold for 12 hours! So, whether you packed your kiddo some delicious warm fall stew, or a fresh, cold pasta salad, by the time they open it up at lunch, it'll still be the perfect temperature to enjoy just like they would at home.

Pocket Straws:  These extendable straws are stainless steel with a silicone sipping tip! They come in there own little case, with a brush and are available in 6 different colors!


Let's Do Lunch Bags:  These lunchboxes have a nice wide base to feet plenty of snack and come in a variety of fun patterns. 


Snack Bags:  Reusable snack bags come as a set of 2 and also come in great patterns and designs!



Looking for more reusable products to cut down on single use ones? See our Plastic Free Collection here.