Back-To-School (cautiously, or eventually...) with Litter Free Lunches

The topic of kids going back to school has been in the front of a lot of people’s minds lately. It’s a complicated issue, and educators and parents are faced with incredible challenges. However, whether it’s this Fall, or down the road, kids will be heading back to school at some point and when they do, we’d like to help you send them back with a Litter-Free Lunch. Whether it’s paper bags, or plastic sandwich bags, kids’ lunches can produce a lot of waste, so we thought we’d share some of our favorites.

Let’s start with the obvious, the Lunch Box! We’re featuring these adorable Let’s Do Lunch Bags with a variety of patterns. Whatever your child is into, we have a pattern for them. Plus, you can even get them Snack Bags to match, reducing waste in style! We even have some food jars to match as well! The double-walled stainless steel Roam Food Jars can keep food cold for up to 12 hours, or keep food hot for up to 5 hours. Heat up some mac and cheese in the morning, close it in the Roam Jar, and it’ll still be hot when lunchtime rolls around. Then they’ll be able to enjoy their food with their reusable Cutlery-on-the-Go.

Another option if you’re looking to efficiently pack a few different items in separate compartments are the Tiffin Food Containers. The tiffin is made up of three stainless steel containers that stack together. A snap closure keeps contents secure while a handle makes carrying convenient. It comes in stainless steel, or in steel with colorful enamels on it.

Another option for wrapping and storing food is Bee’s Wrap. Made in Vermont, these come in a variety of sizes and can be used to wrap sandwiches, snacks and more. Simple rinse, air dry, and reuse.

Over the last few years or so we've all learned the significant environmental impact of plastic straws, and they've gone from being commonplace, to pretty hard to find. While this is the right thing for the environment, my child can drink her milk a lot easier with a straw, and is significantly less likely to spill!  (and it's not just kids, many adults prefer a straw!) Many people now have reusable straws at home, but for meals on the go, we love the Pocket Straw! It's telescoping, and conveniently comes with a case and its own little brush!

So, there it is.  Whenever it is that you're safely sending our kids back to school, we hope we've helped you do it in a way that is producing limited waste!