2021 Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is right around the corner so we've put together our Father's Day Gift Guide to help you find the right gift for the Dads in your life!  Whether the dads in your life are serious cooks, or just want to look good at the BBQ, we've got great gift ideas for you, some of these items are even on sale for a limited time!

Wusthof Classic Deli Knife  This innovative knife is has a scalloped edge designed to cut through a variety of foods.  Meat without damaging it, bread without compressing it, tomatoes without squashing them; if it can go in a sandwich, the Deli Knife is the ideal tool for slicing it! The offset blade also allows for more space between dad's hand and the cutting board.  Usually $120 this knife is on sale for $83.99 for a limited time!

Vermont Grill Stone Does dad fancy himself a master of the grill? Help him up his game with the Vermont Grill Stone made of natural basalt rock, its small volcanic pores perfectly distribute heat, making an excellent grilling surface for veggies, seafood, small bites and more. Just lay it on the grate when you fire up your grill, brush with a little oil and it will heat up quickly and retain its heat.

Wusthof BBQ Set Whether cooking inside or out, its important dad has the right tools! The Wusthof BBQ Set has the highest quality tools. This four piece set sports a turner, a basting brush, tongs and fork all sporting nice balance and riveted handles. Also, this set is on sale for a limited time!

Outset Leather Apron  If dad does like cooking over the open flame, then help him do it in style! This apron sports a durable brown-suede exterior with a flame-retardant lining while protecting clothes. Adjustable straps so it's one size fits all. Could also be paired with matching mitt!

Chemex Coffee Maker  If dad loves a good cup o' Joe, consider the Chemex Classic Coffeemaker.  This simple, elegant coffeemaker is designed to produce the perfectly brewed coffee and comes in various sizes.

Finex Skillet  Want to get dad a piece of cookware he'll cherish forever? The Finex Skillet is made from heavy gauge cast iron, and pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil, and the inside is polished to give it the smooth surfaced finish most skillets take years to develop.  The octagonal shape means multiple pouring spouts, and the coil handle stays cool on the stovetop.

Whoopass  If the dad in your life likes food with a kick, get him a can of Whoopass for Father's Day! Great with meats, potatoes, and anything that could use a hearty kick. Plus, he'll be able to make lot's of "dad jokes" about "opening a can of whoopass...

Breville Smoking Gun  If dad likes smoky meats or smoky cocktails, the Smoking Gun from Breville is the gift for him! Simply add smoky flavor to just about anything you'd like!