2019 Spring Cleaning Cookware Trade-In

Our annual Spring Cleaning Cookware Trade-in is back again for another year!
The idea behind it is simple:
Bring in any old kitchen item you're not using anymore, and we'll give you a coupon for 20% off* so you can get something new (or a few new things!) to replace it with.  As far as you're old items, if they need to be refurbished (or in the case of knives, sharpened) we'll do that and then we'll see if we can find a home that could put them to good use**! 

The Trade-in period runs from Monday 4/22/19 thru Sunday 5/5/19.  Bring in your donation items any time during those two weeks and get a coupon that can be used at any time between now and 6/3/19!

We're also excited that new this year, we'll be collaborating with a number of other businesses! So, instead of getting a coupon to just Kiss the Cook, you'll get offers to a variety of other businesses you can use as well! LEARN MORE HERE!


*Coupon for one time use, 20% Off entire purchase. Excludes items already on sale, and discount is for 10% off electronics.
**We typically reach out to a variety of programs and match donated items depending upon need.