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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

This year, more than ever, Mom's deserve to be celebrated given all the challenges we've faced.  Whether it's having to juggle school closures and other restrictions, or grandparents not seeing their grandkids…

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Staff Favorites Sale

We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our team here at Kiss the Cook, and thought, what better way then to have them tell you a bit about their favorite items at our store! Read below to find…

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New Meal Monday: Jambalaya

While Fat Tuesday was technically weeks ago, in Burlington Vermont we celebrate a little later then most.  Burlington's Mardi Gras (which is sponsored by Magic Hat and is a fundraiser for the Vermont Foodbank)…

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Products We Love: Gringo Jack's Vt Maple BBQ Sauce

One of our most popular food items we carry here in the store is Gringo Jack’s VT Maple BBQ Sauce.  It’s a sweet and delicious sauce that is great on a variety of foods, whether it’s pulled pork, topping…

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Products We Love: OXO Angled Measuring Cups

The holiday season is upon us.  It's a time for many different things, but most importantly it's a time to reflect on what's important and to let those we love know just how much we care about them.  So,…

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Products We Love: All-Clad Roasting Pan

When we talk about all the products we love at Kiss the Cook, it can get easy for us to swept away with all the innovative, creative gadgets and tools that are out there.  Sometimes, we can get so caught…

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Products We Love: Charles Viancin Lids

One of our absolute favorite items at Kiss the Cook are the Charles Viancin Silicone Lids. What’s exciting about a lid?  Well let’s start with the practical. These BPA-free silicone lids are designed to…

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Products We Love: OXO FurLifter Brush

We’ve got a small store, so when it comes to our product selection we really try and focus on only carrying things that are used in the kitchen.  When we first added the FurLifter from OXO to our selection…

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Products We Love: Zippy Pop

We all love popcorn.  It’s a simple, classic snack that’s enjoyed been by generations of children and adults.  There’s lots of ways to make popcorn, either in the microwave, using an electric air popper,…

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Products We Love: The Chef'n Looseleaf

It feels like kale is more popular than ever.  People have found plenty of ways to unlock the flavor and enjoy the health benefits.  You see it in salads, eaten as a “chip”, in smoothie form, and in various…

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